Best BBQ Tools & Accessories

BBQ Tools

As with any profession, having the right tools for the job makes everything easier. Below is a list of the BBQ tools and accessories I personally use on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for discount codes!

Been sure to check back often as I add more of the best BBQ tools and accessories I come across.

  • Meater Plus Bluetooth Thermometer (10% OFF)

    Meater Plus Bluetooth Thermometer (10% OFF)

    Relying on cook time instead of temperature is one of the worst mistakes any BBQ enthusiast can make! Every grill is different and without a good leave-in meat thermometer there's no chance you'll cook your food to the right temperature. This bluetooth probe by MEATER is one of my absolute favorites. It connects to your smart phone and can alert you when your food is ready. It also has tons of preset cooking options so can test out new foods and ensure you'll cook them to the perfect doneness temperature. It'll make those 8+ hour smoking sessions feel like a walk in the park. Plus, get 10% off using the link below!

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  • Thermoworks Thermapen ONE Meat Thermometer

    Thermoworks Thermapen ONE Meat Thermometer

    There is hands down no better instant read meat thermometer on the market! It can tell you the temperature of your meat within 1 second. While more of a hands on approach than the MEATER, this is a meat thermometer I just can't live without. The MEATER is great for long cooks and ease of use, but this thermometer will take you to the finish line every time. I use this thermometer for short cooks or when I want to make sure each part of the meat is cooked to my desired doneness temperature. I normally use them both together. It's quick, easy, and extremely accurate! 

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  • GrillBlazer GrillGun (10% OFF)

    GrillBlazer GrillGun (10% OFF)

    There's no better tool to have in your arsenal when cooking on a charcoal grill. The GrillGun has been an absolute game changer for me when it comes to lighting charcoal and getting grilling faster. Simply connect it to a propane tank and light your charcoal in under a minute! Plus, it's ridiculously fun to use. Use code FATTYBUTTS for 20% off or click the link to have the discount code added automatically.

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  • Mammoth Cooler (20% OFF)

    Mammoth Cooler (20% OFF)

    While not necessarily a tool used strictly for BBQ, this cooler will keep your food hot for a ridiculously long period of time. Sometimes, your meat is done way earlier than expected - it happens! So, I use it to store my food until I'm ready to enjoy it. I usually wrap the meat (if I didn't already during the cook) and cover it with a towel inside the cooler. It keeps it piping hot for hours. It's much cheaper than a Cambro or Yeti, and it's also a cooler (duh!) that will keep your drinks cold for days! Use code ALLAN20OFF at checkout for 20% off all of their products!

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