Old Country Pits G2 Smoker Review

Old Country G2 Smoker Review

We’re taking a close look at the Old Country Pits G2 Smoker, a hot new competitor in the under-$2,000 smoker market. This isn’t just any smoker – it could be the perfect upgrade or the best starter for your backyard BBQs. Let’s find out why the Old Country G2 Smoker could be the game-changer to boost your outdoor cooking game.

Old Country G2 Smoker Review Video

Old Country G2 Smoker Features and Highlights

The Old Country G2 Smoker, which is basically the generation 2 version of their top selling Brazos is selling for around $1,899. This price is surprisingly fair when compared to similar smokers with this feature-set and build quality.

Old Country G2 Smoker Paint Type

Old Country G2 Smoker High Heat Paint

The Old Country G2 Smoker stands out for its excellent quality, especially when compared to less impressive painted offset smokers like the Oklahoma Joe’s Highland. It’s coated with Rustoleum High Heat paint, known for its strong resistance.

This paint doesn’t bubble or peel easily, even in extreme heat, and helps prevent rust. This makes the smoker easier to maintain and kept looking good for years to come. Even when the firebox was exposed to temperatures above 800°F, the paint remained mostly intact, with only very minor peeling on the damper bolts. This shows how reliable and durable it is.

Old Country G2 Smoke Collector

Old Country G2 Smoker Smoke Collector

The Old Country G2 Smoker comes with a smoke collector, a feature that makes it different from the earlier models. Here are the main points about the smoke collector and how it improves the smoking experience:

Functionality and Benefits

  • Better Smoke Control: Adding a smoke collector helps manage the smoke flow inside the cooking area more effectively. This can improve how the smoke spreads and flavors the meat.
  • Pressure Balancing: The smoke collector also helps keep the pressure more even in the cooking area, which means the heat spreads out more evenly and the cooking is more consistent.

Insulated Firebox Design

Old Country G2 Smoker Insulated Firebox

The Old Country G2 Smoker has been creating a lot of buzz due to its insulated firebox that many in the smoking community really like.

The firebox is made with a thick 1/4″ steel inner wall, wrapped in 2″ of mineral wool insulation, and then covered again with an 1/8″ steel outer wall. This makes the firebox walls thick and insulated, which helps keep the heat inside.

If you live in a cold place, this insulated firebox is a big plus. It helps maintain a steady temperature for the coals and keeps the heat steady, even in cold weather. This means the smoker performs well during winter, making it efficient and good at controlling temperature.

Recommended Wood Split Size for the Old Country G2 Smoker

Old Country G2 Smoker Recommended Wood Size

Selecting the right wood splits for your Old Country G2 Smoker is crucial for the best smoking experience. Let’s look at the perfect size for those wood splits to make sure your smoking outcomes are amazing.

  • 8-inch Wood Splits: As recommended by Old Country Pits themselves, the Old Country G2 Smoker works best with wood splits that are approximately 8 inches long. I’ve also found this size to be ideal, especially when used with the smoker’s insulated firebox.
  • Maximum Diameter: To get the best results, use wood splits that are 2 to 3 inches thick.
  • Benefits of 8-inch Splits: Using 8-inch wood splits leads to cleaner and more efficient burning, improving your smoking experience. While you can use larger splits, 8 inches is the recommended size for the best performance.

Advantages of Seasoned Wood

Choosing seasoned wood over kiln-dried wood offers many advantages, such as better ignition, longer burn times, and a rich, smoky taste. Seasoned wood, like the Post Oak splits used in the video, lights quickly and burns for a long time, providing a steady heat for smoking.

Seasoning the Old Country G2 Smoker

Seasoning the Old Country G2 Smoker

Before you throw meat on the Old Country Pits G2 Smoker, it’s important to season it first This helps prevent rust and keeps the smoker lasting longer. Here are the essential steps to prepare your smoker:

First Burn-In

Begin with a burn-in session at about 400°F for a few hours. This step is key to get rid of any leftover oils and impurities from when the smoker was made.

Coating the Inside

Once the initial heating burn-in is complete, put a thin, even layer of high heat cooking oil, like Pam or beef tallow, on the inside surfaces of the smoker. This layer acts as a shield to stop rust and corrosion and helps keep the heat in when you’re smoking food.

How to Apply Oil Properly

  • Spread the Oil Evenly: Make sure you spread the oil all over the inside of the smoker in a thin, even layer.
  • Remove Extra Oil: After spraying the oil, it’s a good idea to use a clean towel to wipe off any extra. This prevents dripping and pools of oil.

Old Country G2 Smoker vs Brazos Comparison

Old Country G2 Smoker vs Brazos

The Old Country G2 Smoker compared to its earlier version, the Brazos, has many exciting improvements. These updates improve the smoking process and better meet the user’s needs.

Old Country G2 Smoker vs. Brazos: Key Differences

  1. Cooking Chamber Dimensions: Many have mentioned that the Gen 2 smoker has a much smaller cooking area than the Brazos, but that’s not the case/
  2. Missing Features: The Brazos includes a cooking grate in the firebox and front shelf, which aren’t included with the G2. However, the G2 added removable baffle and tuning plates for enhanced versatility, unlike Brazos’ welded baffle plate that many hated. Personally, I remove them.
  3. Smokestack: G2’s 33-inch smokestack with a larger diameter improves smoke control and distribution, addressing issues with Brazos’ shorter stack.
  4. Tuning Plates: The G2’s removable baffle and tuning plates allow for experimentation, offering users the ability to tailor their smoking experience and move the hot spots as needed. The Brazos had a welded baffle plate that many hated. Personally, I remove them on the G2 when smoking.
  5. Overall Upgrade: G2 stands out for its heat retention, temperature consistency, and ease of use, making it a substantial improvement over the Brazos.

Is the Old Country G2 Smoker Good for Beginners?

The Old Country G2 Smoker is a great pick for beginners interested in learning how to smoke. It’s designed with features that help those new to the craft. Here’s why the Old Country G2 Smoker stands out for newbies:

Better Control Over Heat

As mentioned earlier, the insulated firebox helps keep the heat steady and even. This makes it easier for beginners to keep the temperature consistent while they smoke their food. It reduces the usual struggle with large heat fluctuations, offering a smoother experience for new smokers.

Simplified Smoking Process

  • Efficient Coal Bed Maintenance: The firebox’s insulated design keeps the coal bed stable, cutting down on the need for lots of wood and adjustments. This helps beginners concentrate on smoking without having to check on it all the time.
  • Reduced Learning Curve: Thanks to better temperature control and heat holding, the Old Country G2 Smoker makes smoking easier. It’s great for beginners who might find it tough to manage fire and heat in cheaper offset smokers.

The Old Country G2 Smoker makes smoking more controlled and stable, making it more fun for beginners. It lets them learn how to smoke without getting lost in the usual complications of traditional smokers.


After thoroughly reviewing the Old Country G2 Smoker, it’s clear that this smoker stands out in the sub-$2,000 market due to its high-quality build, advanced features, and superior performance. The addition of an insulated firebox, excellent heat control, and its easy-to-use design make the Old Country G2 Smoker a great option for both seasoned pros looking for an upgrade and beginners. I highly recommend this smoker!


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